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11:44am 09/07/2008
  I'm back again, back again! Woo. And I have turned off the 'Explicit Adult Content' thing, because while I am an adult and reserve the right to be explicit about my adultness (I'm turning 28 in like a week and I have a mortgage and a car payment and a cat and a job....) it's begun to wear on me that I have to be logged in in order to read what I've written without extra clicking.

So, while funny, my Explicit Adult Content thinger is now gone.

Next weekend I have to babysit the puppiez over at my parents' house. I love the puppiez and they love me but I do not love their tendency to walk in their messes and then jump on me, I do not love the jumping-on-me period, and I don't love that the spaniel apparently strains all food through the ends of his ears. It's possible that I will love trying to play my parents' Wii with puppiez doing their damnedest to knock me down.

Also, my Xbox 360 has the dreaded three flashing red lights. I have sent it to the repair place, and while I await its return have been replaying several of my PS2 games. I say several, when what I mean is that I've been playing .hack//GU and Psychonauts basically nonstop.

And I hate summer heat. Bleah, too warm up here for me.
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08:57am 05/06/2008
  So I haven't posted in a REALLY long time. I like to think this is because I have a mostly boring life, but in reality it just hasn't occurred to me to post anything.

I refinanced my condo back in early May - I'm now in a fixed-rate mortgage with a much better interest rate. This pleases me! No more panicking about September, when my rate would have adjusted. Also, I was able to get some cash out of it, which I used to buy a new-to-me car! The Honda was on its last legs, and I was beginning to panic every time I took it out on the freeway - who knows when something's going to blow up? Anyway, what I have now is a 2004 Dodge Neon, which is very cute and also non-panic-inducing.

I won't have classes this summer - the only class left that I need at the community college isn't offered at any time I can actually get to, so I'll put it off for fall and be glad I don't have to go to class in the heat of summer... whenever that actually gets started.

Oh hey, I need new stuff to read. Any book recs?
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10:37pm 01/05/2008







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passing the word   
06:27pm 11/03/2008
  For anyone concerned, knitmeapony's really sick (I think she mentioned kidney stone) - so she's at home drinking juice and up on Tylenol. This means she probably won't be online tonight, in case anyone was wondering what happened to her or where she is or worried or whatever.

She's fine! Just sick. And will be back soon.
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09:26pm 07/02/2008


02:37pm 02/02/2008
  Know what? I am still bored. What does this mean for all of you? It means I'm going to talk about CoH. YES! FLEE IN TERROR!

So I'm going to talk about blasters for a while, because I'm playing one heavily at the moment and enjoying it more than I expected. The first thing to understand is that every archetype (for all you WoWers, archetype = class, usual abbreviation AT) has an inherent power. The inherent power essentially makes the AT better at doing whatever it does. Each successful blow from a Tanker is a taunt (making them better at aggro-grabbing), Scrappers will occasionally critical hit for double damage (melee damage is the scrapper THING), Defenders enjoy a greater rate of endurance recovery (WoWer translation: mana regen) as their teammates go down in health, Controllers do double damage to immobilized/held/slept targets.

It used to be that the Blaster's inherent power, called Defiance, was a damage increase as their personal health decreased. The lower your health, the harder you hit. Not a bad idea in theory, and at the lower levels often pretty awesome since the temptation to take it to the limit and STAY THERE was often hard to refuse. At the higher levels, however, reality intruded, and that reality was the following: blasters have no defenses and only slightly better soft-control mitigation. They are dubbed 'glass cannons' for a reason, and the reason is that in the mid-to-late game it is not unheard of for a blaster to only need two hits to be taken out, and since the damage boost for Defiance only began to kick in when the blaster was right around 30% help, it was exactly NO use. Recently, however, Defiance changed.

And I like the change. I love the change. I can't find any bitching about it on the forums, even, and EVERYONE bitches about everything on the forums. (There's a 13 page argument about an XP boost in certain level ranges to smooth out the curve and make it less tedious to play. A 1400+ page thread bitching about a change that took place about two years ago is STILL ACTIVE.) What happens now is the following: every time a blaster hits with a primary or secondary set power, they get a damage buff for the next 7.5 seconds. This buff is stackable, so the faster the blaster attacks, the more damage they do. This by itself is awesome, but there's more. Now, even when the blaster is held/slept/disoriented they can use their tier 1 and tier 2 primary-set powers and tier 1 secondary set power. (WoWer translation: Blasters, still blasting while sheeped or feared.)

My little fire blaster can take down Madness Mages (low level gods of sleep and hold), which before were death sentences. It's FUN to play a blaster, except when I forget I'm not playing a scrapper and try to tank something. So Defiance is now awesome.

A secondary benefit of the Defiance change seems to be that the less-used primaries (due to their lower damage overall) get a general buff. Archery, for example. The Archery blaster set is like the scrapper set for claws: low damage, high speed. You get roughly equivalent DPS by utterly eliminating gaps in chaining even at relatively low levels. Now, though, the 7.5 second boost rewards that attack speed even more! It is awesome. (Seriously, if Trick Arrows and Archery were ever ported over to villains as Corruptor sets, I WOULD MAKE ONE. AND LOVE IT. But that's another story.)

Moving on to the specific case of one archery blaster - mine, naturally - I was hanging out in Atlas Park last weekend and as is so often the case, there was a costume contest. I have never one those, but I tend to enter if only to get a firsthand look at how deluded some people are, to think they actually look good. HA HA HA. Anyway.

I won second place! Woo! And it was actually deserved, too - all the finalists were awesome costumes, and my chickie's costume design is actually one of the ones I'm the most proud of in my stable. (Not counting almost all of FiyeroCavaliere's costumes, of course; those exist SPECIFICALLY to make me laugh and knitmeapony want to tear her eyeballs out.

OK, now my wrists hurt but I feel peppy, so I will return to the working.
02:28pm 02/02/2008
mood: bored
Because I am bored at work, let me pretend to begin a discussion that will sound philosophical but which anyone who actually knows things about game programming could shut down!

That sentence made sense in my head. Anyway!

MMO 'Philosophy' 101: If a zone is empty, containing 0 PCs, does it still render? Does it still use memory and processing power? Discuss!
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11:11am 26/01/2008
  Wow, look at me. I SUCK. I say I'm going to try and update more often, and then I... don't. Yeeeeeah.

So school has restarted for the quarter and I am taking Accounting 220 (the second quarter of financial accounting) and BUSAD 250, better known as intro to law. I'm doing well in both classes (naturally) and have little doubt that I will be able to pull a 4.0 average this quarter or very close to it. So that's something.

The down side? I can't actually skip accounting lectures this quarter, since it's new stuff. (I really like my instructor, though she's fun and interesting and focuses in what I feel are the right places.) But it's legitimately exhausting - just physically, though, which is creepy to me. My brain is plugging along as happily as it ever does, and my body is all 'sleep now, sleep good, I can has sleep now?'

The law intro class is annoying to me on several levels, I'm finding. The instructor grades slowly like whoa. (I say this because an assignment due over a week ago has still not been graded.) My classmates totally miss the point of the discussions, and most of them seem to have the most knee-jerk opinions I can imagine paired with an inability to actually understand anything they read. I mean, hey! It makes me look even better, but that's not much of an accomplishment.

I don't want to be at work. :-( I want to be at home napping, or eating lunch, or something. Just not at work.
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11:13am 05/01/2008
  I can has superhero?Collapse )  
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08:32pm 21/12/2007
  Firstly! For the few people who don't already know, I got a 4.0 in my accounting class last quarter. The new quarter starts January 7th, and I will be taking another accounting class as well as Intro to Law. It should be interesting. I'll probably submit my reimbursement request and paperwork in the next week or so, once printers get straightened out.

I've moved up to my new desk at work only to be told that we'll all be moving AGAIN at the end of next week. I want to preface my next brief bitch by saying that a desk is a desk and I don't actually care where I sit. It makes very little difference to me. That said, GOD DAMN IT I DON'T WANT TO SHIFT ALL MY STUFF AGAIN. PUT ME AT A DESK AND LET ME STAY THERE SRSLY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Even though I settle in almost immediately, the actual move is always disruptive to my work process. Bleah.

Not much going on right now, really. Not much ever really goes on at all, these days, at least given the span of 'nothing much going on' posts. I know I said I was going to try and post more often, but more and more lately I find I don't really have anything to say, and when I do I tend to tell people in IM rather than here; I'm pretty sure no one else actually reads this.
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03:16pm 13/12/2007
  So we are crushed at work, and I am head-down in being exactly as productive as I possibly can. This means I'm at a hair under 300% for the day already and I have over five hours (after I take the hour out for lunch) left to go.

The internet is nonfunctional at my house - the tech guy I called thinks the modem is out, so there's a tech coming over to check it out in person. I suspect the modem will be replaced and all will be well with the connection. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that I hope that's what'll happen.

In any case, if it doesn't I'll be offline as soon as I leave work tonight.

Anything interesting going on with other people?
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11:22am 11/12/2007
mood: elated
I have DEMOLISHED my accounting final. No more school until the new year! My tuition for next quarter is paid and new books acquired. My Christmas shopping is done. I am going over to my parents' house on Sunday to decorate, wrap presents, go shopping, and have dinner. Tomorrow I will either drag my brother through his shopping or kidnap frankenspam and be silly.

Right now, I have soda. Later, I will have hot cocoa.

I am so on top of things right now it's not even funny.
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12:36pm 30/11/2007
mood: amused like whoa
I am considering setting my journal for Explicit Adult Content. Before you all start laughing, this is because I swear sometimes and because I feel that it would be funny. And honestly, in a world where Sesame Street is considered adults-only entertainment I think that a little swearing counts as Explicit Adult Content.

Besides, you never know. At some point in the future I may feel the need to call someone (though I can't for the life of me think who at the moment) a ho-bag. Or something. Until then, instead of using words like 'awesome' I will use the word 'explicit'.

I'm pretty sure I already suck at this Explicit Adult Content thing.
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05:56pm 26/11/2007
mood: blah
I blame the season. It's already completely dark out and pouring down rain.

School is taking up a lot less of my time than I expected, at least this quarter. Translation: I'm not bothering going to class except for quizzes and exams. Thanks to extra credit I've got more points than is possible, and there's only one in-class quiz and the final left to the quarter.

Next quarter will be two classes instead of just one, and therefore probably the hell that I thought this quarter would be, but I can't make myself worry about it too much.

And the periodic 'omg I'm so alone' has reared up in my head. Rationally, I know that I am probably as conversational and not-alone as ever, that being more social would = me being clingy, but... I don't know. It feels like I never talk to anyone for some reason.

Oh well, it's not like I have much to talk about anyway. As you all know, now that I've spent several short paragraphs reiterating stuff I've said before.
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12:03pm 24/11/2007
  Day Watch! Out on DVD! THREE WEEKS AGO! How did I not know about this, with my relentless trawling of Teh Intarwebs for a release date? I SUCK.

Day Watch will be mine. Oh yes. Despite the season, I will brave Best Buy.
Copied off kappuchino, a meme!   
11:19am 17/11/2007
1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

UnspeakableCollapse )

I am so bored at work, omg.
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wga strike stuffs   
02:28pm 08/11/2007
  So, the Writer's Guild strike! I haven't seen anyone on my flist gabble about it, so I will. Take that, flist!

How about it? Everyone looking forward to a looooong run of thrown-together-in-like-a-week reality shows? Blergh. I do have some links to offer to the world at large in case anyone wants to see what's up at this point in time.

One of my favorite bloggers has a pretty concise list of links and such here, and in the comments is some comment from what you might call the Other Side, in the form of this link.

If you're just interested in seeing where your show stands or what you have to look forward to as the strike goes on, The Futon Critic has a handy table listing shows and approximate number of episodes in the can before repeats begin or the show goes off the air and a likewise handy table of the reality and game show fare that will likely grace your TV when that happens. The Futon Critic has a bunch of other interesting links too, but I have yet to look at them so I can't say what they're like.

The last big writer's strike in 1988 (88? I think so anyway) pretty much gave birth to the reality show genre. It'll be interesting to see what happens as the strike continues this time. Will it be the death of scripted shows? Will it herald a new age of DRM and no more online streaming of TV or clips? Will non-union writers 'stab the union in the back' and take a shot? Am I just full of crap?

That last one is probably true, actually.
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05:16pm 05/11/2007
  I'm trying to update this more often even though I still have nothing to say. I consider this entry to be a 'win' coming as it does 3 days after my last one instead of three weeks. Aside from that, am still boringest boring person ever.

At AT&T (formerly Cingular, formerly AT&T, according to pattern probably Cingular again next year), we union-represented employees have to apply for our vacation time during the November before the year we actually want to take the vacation, and employees with at least one full week of vacation have to take at least one week as a full block. Heck if I know why, but I have three weeks per year, so I requested two. We'll see if I get either one of them. (It's a little sad that with now 6 years of seniority, I'm one of the 'newest' people on the team. We're oldtimers, we clerky folk on the first floor.)

Anyway, I asked for the week between winter and spring quarter off (March), and a week between summer and fall (early September). Any traveling my finances allow will be done then, otherwise I'll just spend a week lazing around the house. I wanted to travel during May, but since there's no school break in May and I will be waiting on pins and needles to hear back from the UW re: my admission to business school... I can't leave. Bleah, responsible scheduling.
07:44pm 01/11/2007
  Wow, it's been pretty much a month since I last updated this thing. Heh... I should get better at that. On the other hand, I have nothing really to say.

Life's been quiet. Class has settled to the point where I feel comfortable about skipping most of the time - in all honesty, I go in for quizzes and exams and the rest of the time I teach myself. It's probably better that way. When I go in, the class feels like high school. I get the same frustration with the teacher repeating material, the same anger at the stupid other people who insist on talking or wandering in late, the same 'why the hell am I here, there's nothing going on in here that isn't in the textbook' funk. I got too used to college classes where the book was at best a sideshow to the class lectures and at worst just a sponge for money and nothing more. I'll get back to that eventually, I'm sure, and when I do I'll probably whine that it's no longer a coast. There's no pleasing me.

Work is extremely work-like, exactly the same as it always is.

Everyone seems really quiet and/or really busy, so my facsimile of a social life is pretty much nil too. I'm not on at the same times as other people, and when I am, I'm usually catching them while working or heading out. Bleah.

Now that betas are over for the MMOs I was in the beta for, I think I'll talk about them to fill space. A little bit of space anyway.

First up is the Pirates of the Caribbean MMO. This one turned me off VERY early in my time there, and made me curse it and uninstall it from Mr. Puter. I don't think it's asking too much for an MMO to use the beginning tutorial area to actually TEACH game controls. I think I'll go so far as to say that that's what the beginning tutorial area is FOR. But no, I had to figure out the controls through trial and error, and they were arcane things bearing no resemblance to any other MMO I've ever played, and I've put at least a month into more than a few. It's possible that that little oversight was fixed later, but I confess I have no wish to find out, that's how frustrating my initial experience was.

(Just to note: I have no problem with there being lag or graphics bugs or in-play bugs - that's what betas are supposed to identify and root out. It's just that there's IMO a basic yuck in the design of the game, like when the beginning tutorial ISN'T, I get mad.)

Next up is Tabula Rasa. I don't think anyone on my friends list was interested in this game, but it's worth talking about just in case. For what it's worth, this one actually seemed like a really good game to me, and the only dealbreaker is the fact that I hate the controls on a fundamental level. They seem to be based on FPS controls somewhere, so that even the 'MMO style' controls are awkward and awful for me. That said, it is an MMO that is purely and entirely 'kill the aliens!' and the character progression is interestingly done. All characters start exactly the same, and when levels are gained, the player acquires points to put into skills and stats. How those points are distributed determines what 'class' the character gets tossed into. Additionally, the player can 'clone' the character, giving him/her a new first name, at any time, and play forward using a different point spread over levels and thereby playing a different class. No full rerolls just to play a new class - NICE. It's sad that I couldn't adapt, really.
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03:00pm 02/10/2007
  The CoH devs are LYING LIARS WHO LIE. They LIE. They said one feature in Issue 11 was one that players have literally been asking for for years.


FLASHBACK, the ability to go back and re-do badge missions and storyarcs, either for the badge or just for fun, is something that players have wanted forever and ever. (Apparently there'll also be the option of 'customizing' the missions by applying parameters like time limits or self nerfs, for people who want to show off.)

WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION. For the edification of those for whom my gibbering glee means nothing, the devs have been saying 'No, not happening, sorry, never gonna happen' to any kind of power customization for years now. But as of I11, there'll be options for at least the weapon powers. Different kinds of bows! Different claw styles. All broadswords will not be created equal!!

The CoH devs are lying liars who lie AND I LOVE THEM.

Seriously, I almost screamed out loud at work. That would have been embarrassing.
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